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WR Jamari Hester on Board

Photo: Courtesy Jacksonville State Athletics

On Tuesday, the Argos signed American WR Jamari Hester of Jacksonville State.

At 6’5”, 204lbs, Hester is a big target with a massive wingspan. Hester went undrafted in the 2020 NFL Draft following a disappointing pro day that saw him register a 1.47/10 Relative Athletic Score, but his film looks much better than his measurables would suggest. He doesn’t have a lot of explosion, and his 4.68 40 time won’t blow anyone away, but he’s definitely worth a look as a redzone target, something his film supports.

Coach Dinwiddie likes tall receivers for the matchup problems they create, and Hester certainly answers the brief. The logical assumption is that Hester would compete for a spot backing up Juwan Brescacin, but there are tempting possibilities in terms of putting together a redzone package.

Hester played tight end for his Florida high school, the perfect position for someone with good hands at that height, but putting on weight seems to have been an issue for him to this point. One should be so lucky.

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