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Speedy Terrapin Signs in T.O.

On Tuesday, the Toronto Argonauts signed 6’0”, 215lb American RB Jevon Leake.

Leake had an outstanding final year at Maryland, averaging 7.2 yards per carry and earning First Team All Big 10 honours as a returner, along with a few other accolades for his three kickoff return touchdowns.

His NFL Draft stock fell through the floor when he tested “poorly” at the NFL Combine. Leake posted a 4.65 40-time, which sounds respectable enough, but for a change-of-pace speed back who was considered to be among the fastest players in the Big 10, it scared some teams off.

After going undrafted, Leake spent time with the New York Giants, Washington Commanders, and Detroit Lions, but couldn’t stick.

He has amazing game speed and explosion, he’s hard to tackle in the open field, and he makes split second path decisions. He’s an outstanding one-cut wide zone back, and a weapon from the slot on jet sweeps.

The issue with Leake as an NFL player is that he’s a prototypical 3rd down back in terms of style and big play ability, but his pass protection isn’t great and he has average hands.

He has the potential to be a game-changer in the CFL, but his pass protection needs to improve if he wants to be an every-down back. He’ll love the amount of space he has to work with and the fact that he won’t be asked to pound the ball up the middle.

It will be interesting to see how Coach Dinwiddie deploys Leake. Will he get backfield carries behind Andrew Harris, or will he be in competition with DJ Foster in two-back sets out of the slot? Training Camp can’t start soon enough.

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