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Report Card vs Ottawa


Kelly looked razor sharp on the opening drive, two bullets on middle passes and a gorgeous deep ball that drew a flag. The only blemish was a bad redzone pass that might have been picked. Surprisingly Dukes came in next, and he showed some scramble skills, but threw a little high on a scramble pass for a missed TD. Holmes came on for mop-up and had a few gorgeous throws and some bad ones. It feels like he is not the choice. Is the backup on the roster right now? Reader, I say no.


Redzone TD! Juggernaut ends the drama early with an almost uncontested touchdown run. Not much after that, Harris looked spry but no one else jumped into the conversation. Leake looked very fast but maybe because it was 4th-quarter-competition. Not sure what is going on with his status.


Terrific to see Brissett with a great catch and hard run after, his talent is undeniable. BJ Byrd made a big play on a Dukes pass and his 4th quarter domination is daring the Argos to not keep him.


Not an eval but losing Richards would be a big cut. Line collapsed on a few late rushes with Dukes in, but time was there for plays. A few too many procedure penalties and not a ton of push on 3rd down conversions.


Great stuff and sack when Ottawa were buried in their own end. The run was kept in check but for a few blown contains that let the Ottawa QBs rack up some running yards. But that is an easily fixed issue.


Nice tackle by Williams early. Pickett cleaned up middle run nicely, showed quicks on a blitz, superb drop and covers and terrific tackles in space. He is a great signing. 2nd half, 2nd exhibition game, but Hassell flashed.


Gutted by deep pass again on the first drive, that must be cleaned up. And then again. It was cleaned up by leaving the underneath more open which slowed down Ottawa and Washington who had some rough plays in Hamilton, had a near pick, using terrific inside leverage to jump a pass. Another deep pass in the 3rd that drew a PI solidified deep coverage as a preseason issue.


Ottawa opened with showing why Hamilton kicked to Pickett, with Leake and Pickett executing a terrific catch and block for a nice return. McMahon returning was ok, but he didn’t dazzle, early days yet though. BJ Byrd had a nice return early and a blazing TD return in the 3rd. Welcome to the Toronto Argos, Mr. Byrd. Good leg from our Global Draft player, Alfredo Gachuz. He is the real deal.


Chad Kelly played three series and KGJ didn’t play at all. I support those decisions, but this game was on autopilot from the coinflip. A questionable challenge call late almost made me give a grade…


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