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Report Card vs Ottawa


It was an excellent day for MBT today. It felt like Toronto should have had 35 points but finishing the drive is still an area to work on for the team. I will take 365 yards and a touchdown every day, so the grade is strong, but the Argos are fighting for a Grey Cup, so the bar is higher. Three knocks moved it below A, a passing percentage below 75 %, a life-giving interception in the 4th and missing the shot to ice game to KGJ in the 4th. (Yes, I know he was pressured, but it is what it is)


Fantastic day from this unit today. DaVaris Daniels being a perfect example with a hit so hard it it knocked his helmet off, but he held on to the ball. Kurleigh Gittens Jr was the Argo’s offensive player of the game, and it was great to see him dominate at his hometown field. He was a deep threat all night and was a YAC monster. Coxie still is a roller coaster with an amazing catch and run that set up the AJ touchdown. It might have been a play of the season if he scored. Only one misstep by Coxie who was even with his db, so he should have been leavin for a deep route.


A running touchdown! AJ Ouellette had an honest to god, smash it into the endzone run and it was a beautiful thing. He was not a central part of the play today, but he had 50 all purpose yards. He is doing everything he can for the team, but he needs help in the rb room. The inability to run the clock out is an issue that the team needs to address.


I know this grade seems a little high, but the Argos did win, so whatever issues the unit had, they did not cost them the game. The line protects ok but giving up 3 sacks and under 50 yards rushing is not great. The unit is just enough to get the wins these days.


Terrific first half, kept Arbuckle guessing and Carnell held onto his interception. The second half was a little rougher as Ottawa was able to find a rhythm with a quick passing strategy in the middle of the field, but no passing touchdowns given up. Peters took a game off from picks but had a huge tackle in space to help ice the game in the 4th.


The health of Henoc Muamba is really the most important take away from this game. The loss of him immediately opened the safety of the quick middle of the field and a significant injury would be a blow. McManis was his efficient and violent and he had a few blitzes which was great to see, and Edwards forced an incompletion late. Shoutout to Hoyte and Cassar for coming in and playing huge. Hoyte tracked down Arbuckle on what looked like a possible first down or even touchdown run. It probably saved the game. And Cassar showed what he can bring off the edge with a blitz that had Arbuckle running for his life and throwing an incompletion to end the game.


The line played well today, Ottawa did end up with 100 yards rushing, but it never felt like they could run at will and it never really turned the game. Oakman had one of his better games this season, you can tell when he is on, he flashes on almost every down. Brutal roughing call on his his first sack but he responded well with a good sack. Hopefully Ray is ok moving forward and Hendrix continues to be a real force.


Punting was fine today, average but Haggerty is capable of more. The endzone punt is a tough situation but a booming punt would have really helped at the end of the game over 39 yards. Bede was decent, 3 for 5, with two near misses. He has been good not great lately, but he still is a weapon. Coverage was excellent again, but I don’t know what Hagerty was thinking on that no yard flag, he’s Canadian for god’s sake, but he leads a good unit. They also smartly did not punt to Dedmon. No news to report from the return game.


The Argos were ready to play this game and came out had a great first quarter, in fact they could have blown the game wide open, so I will give that as a plus for the staff. I did not like the roughing challenge, the 13 seconds used when running out clock or the lack of reaction to Ottawa moving the ball at will with Acklin in the second half. I am being pickier here because the team is good, so it is great to hold them to a high standard.

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