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Report Card vs Ottawa

Quarterback - B

This game is not on MBT, as he was let down by a series of terrible drops. He threw for 340 yards and a touchdown and generally looked decent during a listless game. He had some gorgeous throws and his touchdown throw to Banks was a great read and great execution. Sometimes it is his fault, but not today.

Wide Receivers – C+

Some terrific early play from KGJ and Banks catch on the touchdown was elite but dropping passes when time is disappearing in the 4th quarter is a serious offense. Ambles, KGJ and Banks who should have used two hands on that final throw all buried the comeback. Shout out Tommy Nield though for a nice showing.

Running BacksC

I often repeat this, but this is the hardest position to grade as it is so dependent on a variety of factors but the numbers are grim: Harris with 17 yards rushing tells the story of the game. Ottawa’s defense dictated how the game would be played and that almost always means a loss. Harris had some nice screen and swing out receptions but there was no running game today.

Offensive Line - C

This unit desperately needs some health and a chance to get cohesion through shared snaps. You need to work as a unit at offensive line and they just have not had the opportunity this season. Tonight, was a tough night for the unit. Four sacks and no running lanes at all. I thought the Atlantic rook, Gregor Mackellar was pretty good in his rookie start debut, which was encouraging. The terrible jumps on short yardage plays were also a problem tonight.

Defensive LineB-

The line is still a strength, but they had some bad reps tonight. There were flashes of brilliance, Oakman picking up the center and carrying him like a baby back into the qb and Ray looked shot out of a cannon on a bunch of plays but there were some breakdowns and more contain of Caleb Evans was needed.

Linebackers B-

The unit helped keep Ottawa in check for a lot of the game, but it seemed to be a step slow tonight. They did not dictate play, and Ottawa was able to covert first downs when the Argos needed a stop. This unit can change a game, but it felt off all game. Edwards losing his mind at the end of the game was not helpful and McManis who has received A LOT of flowers from the report card is too smart a player to take that stupid shoe throwing penalty that put the game out of reach.

Defensive BacksC-

A terrible game for the unit. Busts lead to a huge reception to start the game, and it looked like a Cover 2 bust for the dagger end of half touchdown. Tighter redzone coverage on the last touchdown would have been better as well. Peters had some great run support but to give up over 80% completion percentage and two touchdowns in the air is not going to get it done.

Special Teams – B-

Bede just had two shots but piped them both. The punt return game averaged -.8 yards was the cold hard truth. Kickoff return unit was not as lockdown as it usually can be. Still a black hole for the team.


This game had all the flags of a let down game and it looked it tonight. I have sung the praises of the coaches getting the team ready to play but tonight the Argos looked tired and not prepared to win a must-have at home. The red zone offense remains an area that has to be improved.

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