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Report Card vs Montreal


Kelly started ok, with a nice touchdown run mixed with a late cross body throw that was destined to be an interception in the first half.  But once he got going in the second half he was the mvp candidate we have been shouting about. 352 yards with over 80% completion with three touchdowns.  Elite.


Second half juggernaut!  Once again Ouellette was a machine in the second half of the game. Some monster runs drove the offense in the second half.  Unfortunately, an all-time highlight sideline run was called back on an iffy offensive line holding call. The stretch play is not my ideal fit for Harris but keeping him fresh is still a good plan.


Uneven night. Gittens Jr was very lucky to have a turnover reversed, Daniels had a decent shot on a touchdown that didn’t come through and Coxie needed to have the sideline shot that he missed. HOWEVER, Coxie had a mouth dropping one-handed catch for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. DaVaris Daniels still quietly puts up stats and he had a big play to help seal the win.


A group has been incredibly dependable all season.  The pass protection is solid, giving Kelly time to make a second read or let a deep route develop.  The first half has been tough grinding in the run game but every second half, gaps are being opened and it allowed Toronto’s offense to be effective.


A lot of pressure, as the unit buzzed the quarterback all game, but the finish was not always there. Montreal punished the aggressiveness of the line with A LOT of screens, so that will be an area to work on.  More lane discipline needed to keep Fajardo’s run game in check. The Orimolade spin away was just a bad break and he and CN Power had a huge sack to help finish off Montreal.


McManis was fantastic. A terrific read and catch on the interception and he absolutely obliterated some poor victims during the game.  Jones who we have praised for having been such a good substitute for Williams did not have a great game, ending with an ejection for a second misconduct. Stanbeck was kept in check.


No rookie season is going to go without rough patches and tonight was a rough one for Stiggers. A tough pass interference penalty kept a drive alive, and what looks like a blown coverage on the short yardage receiver release trick play.  The secondary kept the deep pass game in check but Montreal had a great game plan to punish the deep pass focus. Daniel had a great pass breakup that was negated but the spin out touchdown, but it was still nice.  Stiggers showed why he is worth the rough patches with a crushing hit on Montreal’s final drive. Put Pickett in bubblewrap and let him heal up.


Punt return and kick return were both pedestrian. Kicking coverage was steady. Bede had a good night with conversions and two field goals but definitely needed to make that final kick.


It is not easy to not be flat coming out of an unnecessary early bye and the coaches did a great job at halftime, getting the team ready to dominate a game they needed to win. I didn’t like the challenge, but a minor complaint.  This is a well-coached team, which I will be honest, makes it very boring for me when report card writing. 15 penalties is a problem and the only coaching area that needs work.

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