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Report Card vs Montreal

Quarterbacks - C

It was not a great performance for QB1. He ended up with decent stats, 260 yards, a td and 70 percent passing but the eye test looked much worse. A TERRIBLE throw to ruin the opening drive. He flashed some good throws but too often he seemed to invite interceptions with his wide side of the field throws and it did not feel like a team being led by a quarterback. He must be better.

Running Backs - B+

Andrew Harris looked like the real deal for the first three quarters of the game. Powerful, shifty, reading linebackers and it was a beautiful thing. Hopefully his injury is not a serious one. I'd love to see more use of him in the redzone. The kid Adeboboye looked like nice in a sprinkling of plays. If Harris is healthy in November, the playoffs will be fun.

Wide Receivers - B

No stars jumped out but a solid performance from a deep squad. My personal favourite Kurleigh Gittens Jr. had a high volume game with 6 catches on 8 targets and 66 yards. Markeith Ambles flashed real potential and Banks looked great when he ran slants, which is all he should run. I still want more action and more results from Daniels, he can be a star

Offensive Line - B

The interior played really well, with Harris inside runs dominating the first half. The QB protection was decent, save the Usher crush and Shane Richards held up after the unfortunate overreaction Dejon Allen ejection. A line that is really being held together with wire due to injuries played damn well all game. However, the quality of the QB contact must be lowered if he is going to make it to December or even August.

Defensive Line - A

Shane Ray, stand up! Ray flashed the way we had hoped last year with a lightning first step and terrific backside pursuit speed. He dominated the first half and if this is the Ray we get all season opposite Davis, the line will eat. Oakman still is good in the middle and I would love to see more middle pressure from him. The running game was non – existent and It was great to see a sack from Hendrix who I think will be a huge part this season.

Linebackers - A

I know. How are the grades so high in a near loss…probably some home opener boost but the team played well with the occasional bust. Wynton McManis just made the linebacking unit elite. He was all over the field laying stick, sacks and pressures and letting Muamba do his thing. Great game and when Chris Edwards joins them…

Defensive Backs - B

The pass defense held up decently but 284 in the air is still a crooked number. Losing Robertson Daniel early caused a lot of trouble and there seemed to be real confusion with Caleb Holden and Shaq on some zone coverage. Holden was a surprise on the depth chart but he played ok and had a great PBU in the red zone. The unit was close to a couple of picks, need those in the future as you can see how pivotal the McFadden pick was.

Special Teams - B-

Mixed bag. Bede was 3 for 5 on kicks and Haggerty was not able to coffin corner any of his midfield punts which was disappointing. The PR/KR units were tight, keeping returns under control. My search for a great PR still continues although Leake showed promise, he reads his blocks and has a real burst.

Coaches - B

Im going to give a special shout out to Pinball Clemons who technically did help coach the team this week. His pregame speech to the crowd was unbelievable. Half time adjustments led to a great second half opening drive and I'm going to chalk up the slowing down of the D in the second half to heat and legs.


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