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Report Card vs Hamilton


Kelly had two gorgeous touchdown passes to Brissett, a deep post, and a roll out in the red zone. These capture his elite talent.He also had two terrible interceptions and these capture his area to improve upon. Some will say wins are not a QB stat, but Kelly knows how to make just enough passes to win comfortably. I’m still hoping to see more check-down passes. Interceptions are not yet a concern but are on the radar.


Welcome to the party, Deonta McMahon. He definitely shows he deserves a role on the team. He brings twitchy speed in space, giving the screen game a boost. He brings the ability to go house on any play and I look forward to adding this to the arsenal. Adeboboye showed he has the ability to move the ball and I hope he gets a few more reps before the end of the season. I would like to have seen a few more opportunities in pass protection for both backs.


A terrific game for Brissett who has great chemistry with Kelly, likely borne of scout teamwork last year together. Daniels has been another reliable target for Kelly. It was exciting to see Rajae Johnson get some game reps, mark my words, he will be a red zone factor down the stretch.


The line was quietly efficient tonight, allowing no sacks and having some success in the run despite Ouellette resting. It is hard to believe that this unit may add Bladek at some point, but it is the backbone of this monster season. I am excited to see what a more diversified screen game will look like with the guys moving forward.


The defensive front took no plays off tonight and did not come out flat. It was their work that kept Hamilton in check, despite them being given a lot of chances to get back in the game. Every time there was some life, it was snuffed out by Hendrix, Barlow, Smith, and CN Power. A special shout out to Tommy Costigan for a superb game. He lived in the backfield, just missed a punt block, had a terrific sack and some monster tackles for losses, and he potentially dropped a Last Boy Scout celebration dance which would move him up the depth chart here.


Wynton McManis reminded everyone why he is one of the best players in the CFL. He absolutely obliterated the Hamilton run game, he will at some point have to return the souls he snatched from them and had one and allllmost two pick-six plays. Unbelievable player. If we throw Pickett in here, it is the best unit in the league and the reason wins sometimes seem to come so easily.


Hopefully Peters is ok. This unit has had so many injuries it is amazing it still can hold it together, and good wishes up for Stiggers as well who was banged up at the end of the game. He has been superb all season. The return of some injured starters is needed. Kiondre Smith put up a lot of Hamilton’s over 300 passing yards with some ridiculous catches.


Hamilton's long return that was called back due to a holding penalty showed just how dangerous the Ti-Cats return game is, and the kick off unit deserves a lot of praise for keeping it in check and the average under 20 yards. Bede was two for two on field goals and he almost had a perfect coffin corner punt.


A tough break on the coach’s challenge, it should have been a roughing call. The team did not show very much on film and still were able to keep Hamilton in check. That is the sign of a talented and well-coached team.


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