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Report Card vs Hamilton


Kelly started out on fire and slowed down as the game went on. He has a rocket arm, and he is deadly inside the numbers which is great to see, as was his red zone td throws to Daniels and Gittens Jr. As expected, a few overconfident throws in mix but none were costly. Dukes looked better attached to the line on his goal line score, but Kelly showed he is still the best at it.


As will be the case all season, a defensive focus on the run made it a slog for Ouellette and Harris. But despite that Juggernaut punished on the first td drive and was an unstoppable train on his sideline run and no one wanted any part of him as he once again closed the game with his physical runs in the 4th quarter. Harris still looks a step slow, but his guile will be huge in the playoffs, and there is more in the passing game to do with him.


The wide receiver unit did everything that Kelly could ask for this game. Consistently making diving, jumping, rocket ball catching plays, for example the Brissett catch on the opening drive. Fantastic to see a connection building with Gittens Jr, as he led a drive and ended it with a great touchdown. DaVaris Daniels had a great yards after catch fighting his way for a score and his 4th quarter spinning catch on the underthrown ball is a perfect example of how the unit picked up Kelly tonight.


The line had a great push on the opening goal line touchdown quarterback keeper. The pass protection was decent, but Kelly was rushed more than he has been this season and Hamilton did have two sacks. The middle run was not there at all today.


Brinkman looked really good. Yes, he had a bad facemask penalty, but he absolutely has to be on the field for the Argos. The team has to sit down and figure out a ratio solution to get him and Oakman playing at the same time. Robbie Smith had his best game this season and Hendrix is not going to get highlight videos, but he is playing elite football. Hamilton had no success running the ball.


To begin McManis did not block in back on the pick six, but it all worked fine. He and Jones continue to be hammers in the middle of the field and Hamilton had no success running the ball, the only thing preventing it from looking like an embarrassment for Hamilton was that their quarterback snuck some runs in from broken plays.


The secondary was in tough with a nickle and dime offense throwing screens and quick outs and hooks all game. Tackling in space might be an area of focus this week. The highlights of course were Peters teach tape wide receiver screen tackle and the Metchie-Peters combo interception. Pickett is still all over the field, a blitzing demon and all over the field in coverage. He is my early vote for Eastern Defensive MVP. Like McManis last year, get on the bandwagon early!


The Argos being unprepared or lost on the Hamilton pooch punt for first down was odd as they ran a similar play against Montreal. Beede missed his first convert. Hamilton having success on the fake reverse kick return was frustrating as well. A 38-yard kick return average is too high, especially with Alford coming next week.


An almost perfect first half in Hamilton is a sign of a well-prepared team. Hamilton never really threatened, making their yards against a bend don’t break Argo defense. I might have challenged the pooch punt, as it looked like the players were offside at time of the kick.


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