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Report Card vs Edmonton


Chad Kelly is still everything the Argos could have hoped as a first time CFL starter. He makes the occasional bad read by trusting his arm but gunslingers gonna gunsling. As long as he leads the team down the field on drives such as the second one of the game after Edmonton scored, they are in good shape. The development must continue, 56.5 percent accuracy and two picks won’t get it done in a playoff game, but for now, he is doing the job. Just watch the beauty of his throw to Daniels on that drive in the first quarter.


The Argos as a run first team? With the combo of Ouellette and Harris leading the way and a nice showing by Adeboboye, the team blasted their way to 192 yards. Are the Elks hapless? Maybe, but the Argos are developing this aspect of their offense. Ouellette especially looks svelter than last year, but he as not lost any of his power. Is there any way to add lightning to this thunder fest? Hope springs eternal.


Once again, this unit shows its depth, as Brissett and Ungerer III came out of the shadows to be weapons. With seven catches and almost 140 yards between them, they both showed that they are not just Canadian box checks. It is especially great to see Brissett take a step forward, although that fade route still eludes him. The team is certainly doing its utmost to make Phillips a thing, but it didn’t happen this week.


Clean sheet, with Edmonton not really getting close to Kelly for most of the game. The unit also is showing a road-grading run gear that is solidifying it as one of the top offensive line units in the league. Hopefully the injury to Cage is not major. And on a separate note, when will the league pioneer offensive line stats? It is outrageous we can not numerically quantify their play beyond how well the running back does or how poorly the opposing defensive line does. Shout out to Dylan Giffen who was rock steady coming in to play.


Ring the closing bell, the Toronto Sack Exchange has taken care of business in Edmonton. Even without Oakman, the unit had four sacks (six total) and controlled the line of scrimmage and kept Kevin Brown to 16 yards! Hendrix is going to be an all-star, Orimolade is a terrific speed move compliment and Costigan looked good today, adding yet another level of depth.


The news here is how fast McManis looked during the game. He is working his way back from a major injury last year, so it will take time, but he looked like the enforcer of 2022 from this vantage point. He is going to crush some quarterbacks if he gets some more twist blitzes called with the line playing as well as it is, maybe when Muamba comes back. Jones has been an undervalued but terrific player for the unit, and he continues to be solid. Hopefully the injury Jordan Williams suffered on the Kevin Brown touchdown run isn't serious.


If the Argos and CFL websites are going to list Pickett as a defensive back, I am on board with it. Pickett continues to be a one-man army, with 2 sacks, 5 tackles, at least 20 times the defense focused on him, helping his teammates. Also, have a game, Royce Metchie! Seven tackles, a pick-six. It is a little tiring being effusive in every box here, but the team played well. It was great to add Peters back into the mix, his goal line rip to save a touchdown was the highlight of a solid game taking on Geno Lewis. I'm not going to ding the unit for that last second circus touchdown. Even with it, Edmonton had less than 200 yards in the air.


Not great, Bob. Baring CJ Sims turning into Gizmo Williams moving forward, the kick return and punt return units were way too soft today. Both gave up an average return of over 30 yards and unfortunately the kick return and punt return game were also very average. I would love to not see Pickett anywhere near the returning of kicks, he is too valuable. Haggerty and Bede are still money and Bede showed he can make a tackle when needed as well. A blocked punt was huge for this unit.


The defensive game plan was aggressive and effective and there weren’t really any decisions that were controversial or even debatable really. There was the potential of a trap game with a big BC matchup next week, but the coaches had the team ready to play, it took until after the first drive, but that happens. Maybe a challenge on the Peters pass interference and going for it on 3rd and 2 at the end of the game but those feel nitpicky.


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