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Report Card vs BC


Kelly once again showed his development with a soft touch on his rollouts, one for a touchdown to Daniels. He still might get rid of the ball a little faster, but the protection is holding up. His talent to always look downfield is one I would not touch. He will eventually get better at taking what is given, but for now, I love his desire to move the ball and not check down. Dukes has got to get low and ride his center in on those short yardage plays not slide sideways. For me, he is not the answer on quarterback sneaks.


AJ Ouellette once again was a second half nightmare for opponents. I loved the pitch play in the red zone after he had punished on middle runs. Harris looks spry. Keep him hungry and healthy because he will wreak havoc when it really matters if he looks like this in the fall. The ability to squeeze the air out of the ball in the second half is everything and AJ delivers.


Cam Phillips is turning into a serious weapon. He has good chemistry with Kelly and led the team going six for six for 76 yards. Gittens Jr. is still developing what he had with Macbeth with Kelly, but he is a solid receiver. Daniels remains fine, like a muffin from Coffeetime, but he needs to be used more.


A couple of drive-killing penalties but they held up versus BC’s hunters in pass protection. The unit had a really hard time finding any room in the running game in the first half. Hopefully GIffen is ok as he really has been great this season, but MacKellar was good. A shout out goes to Trevon Tate who held down left tackle position filling in for Cage.


They generated the pressure needed to make Adams turn back into the Montreal version of himself. Tommy Costigan has flashed like Robbie Smith did last season and Orimolade is definitely not too bad eh. (I’m aware). Nice to see Oakman back on the field, knocking a key pass down and Hendrix continues to build a quiet All-Star case


Jonathan Jones is filling in well for Jordan Williams. So well, in fact, that I am about to ask a serious question. Does Williams get his spot back? BC did not really try to run very much but Adams was not able to escape very often. McManis almost had an all-time interception dropping into a middle zone late in the game.


ROBERTSON DANIEL. He was an absolute force, three picks (one for six) and a tip for a pick. Weird grade here. The unit mixed a lot of superb play with turnovers and excellent tackling with looking lost on a couple of busts on sideline routes (where is my all 24 film, CFL!!) and they lost receivers in the red zone on a couple of BC touchdowns. Amos had two fantastic, textbook pass breakups with his downfield hand rather than a risky pick attempt. Stiggers continues to impress.


First, Javon Leake took my previous special teams complaints and lit them on fire. After two superb blocks to free him, he showed a gear I wasn’t sure he had on a game-changing punt return touchdown. Complimenting the showy play, Stiggers, Cassar, and Adeboboye all had monster hits in kick coverage. Bede continues to be absolute money: field goals, converts and kick offs all are being done at an elite level.


This coaching staff continually impresses me with the preparation and level of energy this team brings every game. It is not easy to keep everyone rowing the same direction and they showed up ready today. I wish the Argos had gone for it on 3rd and short toward the end of the first half instead of just getting 20 net yards on the punt and I would NOT have gone for it on 3rd and a long 1 to start the second half in my own half, but I liked that they didn’t challenge the spot on the 3rd and 1 stop.


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