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Report Card vs BC

Quarterbacks - D

Poor reads. Poor throws. I am glad to see his anger and passion at being taken out of the game, but he looked old, slow and lost in comparison to his counterpart on BC.I believe he is still the starting quarterback but there is a disconnect between him and the offensive scheme.Disappointing.

Running Backs - D

Harris showed some pop on some plays but took some time to get warmed up. He is still someone who is great in bursts but with his age, he is not a 20-carry lead back. I like his physicality, but the Argos need a change of pace back to pair with him. Not using him on the 1-yard line three times in a row is unacceptable.

Wide Receivers - C

Kurleigh Gittens Jr was his reliable self and Daniels had a great catch in the first for a huge gain, but his issue is volume. I don’t know if the lack of targets and catches he gets is him or the offense, but he just is not featured enough.

Offensive Line - C

There was a decent pocket most of the game, and a couple of the sacks came on jailbreak blitzes. The failure on the 1 is a mark against them and there was not a ton of space for Harris.

Defensive Line - B-

The line kept the Argos in the game in the first. They kept Harris in check and although they did not get much pressure on Rourke, it was tough because he got rid of the ball so quickly. The running game put up some yards in the 4th when the game was out of reach. They showed up tonight.

Linebackers - B-

Another great game from McManis and they kept the screen game largely in check. It is hard to give them much credit, as the defense did not get much pressure, but the run game was not the problem.

Defensive Backs - F

A new record for a Canadian quarterback. 436 yards. 4 touchdowns. The group seemed lost the entire game, zones were full of busts, they didn’t seem able to take away inside leverage or pull off tight man coverage. Shaq Richardson stood out with a solid game, but this was beat down.

Special Teams - C

Not really an issue. No big busts on KR or PR defense and the punting and kickoffs were fine. The lack of game breaker on returns was a bitter pill after Worthy had such a huge game for Montreal.

Coaches - D

Not a great game. The redzone play calling is still an issue. There did not seem to be a gameplan to stop BC’s offense. There was no real improvement in the second half. A listless team must fall at the feet of the coaches.

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