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Report Card at Saskatchewan

Quarterback - A MBT is the guy. I said it last week and he backed it up. 30/38, 336 yards and two touchdowns. Terrific road game victory in Saskatchewan regardless of who Sask was missing that is a damn tough place to win. One bad interception but he looked confident from the start and had some great chemistry with DaVaris Daniels. He had some success on third and short but still an area to improve upon. He took the checkdown because it was there all game, but he kept his eyes downfield on most plays. He looked like someone who can lead this team to a Grey Cup. Again.

Wide Receivers - A The unit looks unstoppable right now. If you focus on one player, a guy who had no catches last game will torch you. A monster game from the KGJ, solidifying his path to the HOF as we mentioned earlier this season. I loved that the WRs seem to be more physical in run blocking and hopefully Daniels is feeling ok after that head shot tackle. He was targeted and targeted inside the hash marks! Love to see it; Daniels finishing his sideline catch and run with a physical shoulder to the defender was the perfect example of the energy I saw tonight from the unit.

Running Backs - A Andrew Harris continues his 2022 Running With Violence Tour. He brought such edge and physicality to every run. His success on first down absolutely opened up the field for the Toronto Air Show. His 143 rushing yards are impressive, his finishing and punishment inspiring and his focus on team success makes what a free agent should always be…I would love to see him lower his pad level a little on the second down goal line attempt and I hope his first TD with Toronto is at home. A little more balance in the backfield is needed though. This usage is not sustainable.

Offensive Line - B-

I know that they are banged up but just have to go on what happens each game. The line really had no push on the two goal line attempts, a crushing shot by Hughes on MBT and thankfully a not game ending fumble recovery by Hughes on a terrible snap. The inside run was not really there but Harris was able to run well and the D line did not eat MBT up. A fine day considering everyone was hurt, but this unit needs some health.

Defensive Line - B+

Once again, this unit was so impressive. There was nowhere for Sask to run, and they ended up with fewer yards than I walked today, which in the summer heat is low. I would have loved a little more pressure, but I know that is not the design. Ja’Gared Davis took his turn at an Argo Dlineman having their best game of the season. He was pursuing backside, he was taking on double teams, he was dancing before crushing Dolegala on a sack and he had the game saving goal line stand. Fantastic work by this unit.

Linebackers - B

I’m marking the unit a little hard because I know they are capable of such great things that I need to leave room for those grades. Solid game, no screens, no swing passes, no inside run. Chris Edwards continued his run of great play with a fumble return. The Doom Patrol of Muamba, McManis and Edwards didn’t destroy worlds today but they didn’t need to. What a luxury to be able to take them for granted with this grade.

Defensive Backs - B+ This had the potential to be an A+ game from the unit. So many dropped pick 6’s but Peters continued to impress, and he is rapidly becoming a star. He can lock down an underneath route, he can carry down the field and he can blitz (even if he uses a leg to help). The Sutton penalty was garbage, as we had just seen Sask score a touchdown with a guy tiptoeing down the sideline, so he came to clean up. C’mon. Shaq once again with the tone setting play with his punch out of the ball. Solid game, the 51-yard pass and the touchdown a little shade on a sunny day.

Special Teams - B

A few huge plays in the 4th quarter do not a game make, so I'm still going to ding this unit, but they got it done when it mattered and that is the essence of special teams. The lack of a punt return or kick return game continued but I no longer despair at it. Banks as a special situation PR was something we talked about when he signed, and he showed it was a great idea with his massively important 35-yard return. Yes, the 61-yard field goal and inability to cover was gross. Let’s never speak of it. Priester, 5 yards, guy. Boris piped the kick that mattered. Terrific to see.


I did not love the goal line run attempt from shotgun. Red Zone is improving but still on my list of things to fix. I am ok with the 61-yard kick toward end of half if…they saw him kick 61 in warmup, they have a special unit that can get down field and spread into return lanes. I won’t crush the decision but on balance, it is way too risky in Canadian football. The short yardage conversions started well but dropped off in second half. Need a fix. They have to be automatic and lastly challenging that one spot while understandable was a waste as you could not see the ball in the replay. Not the best game the staff has had.

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