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"Night King" Signs in Toronto

The Toronto Argonauts have signed an interesting prospect in American Jake “Night King” Hlava out of Grand Valley State. Hlava is a 6’3”, 251lbs defensive end who spent the first two years of his college career at NIU before leaving his home state to play with the Lakers.

He has a good motor, great balance, and a full arsenal of pass rushing moves. He’s a smart player who clearly studies his opposition, so his frequent gambles are actually far less risky than they appear.

It’s a pretty big jump from the GLIAC to the CFL, but signings like this are always exciting because it suggests heavily there’s a connection to an Argos scout or coach somewhere. This one most likely filtered through their NIU connections. The CFL is filled with small school guys like Hlava who have the skill despite not necessarily being on anyone’s radar.

The defensive line doesn’t appear to be a position of need for the Argos, but in a league with a long history of great nicknames, you can’t go wrong adding Night King.

In a corresponding move, the Argos have parted ways with DB Cam Glenn.


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