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Next Stop Exhibition

Photo: Courtesy of CFL

Many have escaped Hamilton on the GO and feel a sense of home as the train rolls into Exhibition. Add Brandon Banks to that list. The Argos continue to show that last year's rebuild was not a one-off with the signing of WR Brandon Banks from the Grey Cup contestant Ti-Cats.

Banks best years are behind him but join the club. He was still an effective receiver for Hamilton, with a 44/474/2 line in 10 games. Over a 14 game season this would put him on the same pace as Ricky Collins Jr whom he likely replaces in the Argos offense, who led the Argos with 55/642/0.

Banks is a versatile veteran who can play both field slot positions and he scores touchdowns, not a skill to be overlooked. To be honest, I wondered if he was washed in watching Hamilton film last year but he isn't. He is not a game changer anymore and his Jet sweep days are done but the man is a professional receiver. And he burned Toronto for 63 yards on three catches in the Eastern Final. And I support Pinball grabbing everyone who helped win that game.

Banks has been a special teams weapon in the past but I would be shocked if he pulled much returning time but he is a nice option if you want sure hands on a punt return late in a game in Hamilton to clinch the Eastern Division, again.

He was the MOP in 2019 and the Argos seem set on recreating the 2019 All Stars and I am here for it.

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