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  • Ben Grant

Mystery, Alaska

Photo: Oklahoma Baptist University Football

The Toronto Argonauts have signed mysterious 6’4”, 290lb OBU Bison offensive lineman Jake Foshee.

I say mysterious because professional football teams don't typically bring in guys you've never heard of from schools you don't know without there being a great lead. Someone the Argos trust told this front office about Foshee, which makes him very interesting.

I've never watched any Oklahoma Baptist University film, and I ended up in a wormhole that went all the way back to his high school years in Alaska. He started as a center who also had a clean long snap, two things which always get my attention.

At OBU, he spent the majority of his snaps playing left tackle, though his play on the right side of the line looks solid as well, so in the end, the Argos have a guy who can play all five spots on the line and potentially fill in as a long snapper.

Honestly, I couldn’t get much out of his run-blocking. It seems to be the weakest part of his game. It generally got the job done, but against inferior competition.

His pass protection is strong. He only allowed three sacks in 1349 snaps, which is ridiculous. He’s not fast, but he’s smart. He never gets beat on twists, never gets surprised by blitzes or caught out of position.

To me, he’s a CFL guard, and he’s going to need a bit of work, but I certainly see something there. Let’s add him to the list of players I’m excited to see in camp.

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