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  • Ben Grant


After a difficult day of cuts, I feel like Argos fans are struggling to say goodbye to some of the players who were contributors last season. I get it. Treston Decoud, Antonio Pipkin, and Chandler Worthy won games for the Argos, and guys like Toshiki Sato, Asnnel Robo, and Dres Anderson are as talented and likeable as they come.

You want them all to sign somewhere else and be successful, but part of you also hopes they'll somehow end up signing back here in Toronto. And it happens. No one knows better than Chandler Worthy.

To help ease the pain, I pulled some pictures from training camp and practice last year that I think you'll like.

Antonio Pipkin works on his feet in a pocket drill in Guelph.

Antonio Pipkin lets one fly in a morning practice at Lamport Stadium in Toronto

Asnnel Robo (37) shares a laugh with fellow fullbacks Liam O'Brien (76) and Declan Cross (38).

Chandler Worthy sets to field a punt at training camp in Guelph.

Dres Anderson fights off the morning sun, watching the ball right into his hands.

Treston Decoud (20) and Shaq Richardson (1) share a laugh over something Coach Nelson said.

Toshiki Sato arrives first on the practice field to work on his punting.

Treston Decoud takes a pass from Coach Bell in training camp.

Chandler Worthy gets some punt return advice from the GOAT.

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