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Meet the Coaches

The Argos have changed up their coaching staff after the Jones exodus to Edmonton of many of last year’s coaches. In truth a second year of the same staff may have brought about more consistency, but this is the CFL and things are always churning in this league. Let’s take a look at the new crew shall we?

The Argos have done away with the pretense that Dinwiddie is not the offensive coordinator, and he has taken on that role officially. I’m curious to see what is different with him solely in charge, but maybe nothing? I’m definitely hoping for a new redzone plan. Mike Miller is to run the quarterback room. Miller has a terrific resume even if he has not been in the CFL since 2013. He has significant NFL experience with Arizona and Pittsburgh, and he was Montreal’s OC during the end of the Calvillo era. It is an interesting choice as he was not on the CFL loop as many coaches are, so I salute looking outside the usual candidates. Now let’s see if he can improve the speed of decision making of the quarterbacks.

Coach McAdoo is part of the Edmonton crew, so a new voice is needed as the most important positional coach there is, offensive line. Kris Sweet is clearly a part of the Stampeder crew the Argos are bringing in. I don’t object to bringing in coaches that you know or that have been part of a successful organization so this looks like a good move. In my opinion, this is the biggest hire a team can have as being able to block and pass pro is EVERYTHING. The OL coach does not have to be the best in the league, but they definitely can sink a team, so here’s hoping he is good!

Staying on the offensive side of the ball is the most exciting hire of the offseason which is bringing in Coach Pete Costanza from the Grey Cup champs and before that he was a key part of the Calgary dynasty as the passing game coordinator. I think this is a superb hire and a real coup for Dinwiddie; Costanza’s resume is platinum, and the passing game should be an absolute force for Toronto next season.

Edwin Harrison is coming in to work with the running backs and I like that we are adding some youth to the coaching staff and making sure that we are developing coaches, rather than old vets because that is how to move up the chain to coordinator and possibly head coach.

The coaching shakeup is also on the defensive side of the ball with Corey Mace in as the new DC, new faces are in at the secondary and special teams. William Fields is a good choice as DB coach as he has 5 years of CFL experience, and he was a Grey Cup winning player.

The last new name to jump on board and row is Mickey Donovan. I support him purely because his name could be from a Raymond Chandler story. He is coming from Montreal, and they have had solid ST performance, and if he can get our punts off, then he will be a success.


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