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Interior Depth Addressed

Photo: Courtesy Calgary Stampeders

The Toronto Argonauts have signed yet another former Calgary Stampeder, bringing in Canadian OL Justin Lawrence. The 6’1, 300lb 25-year-old spent the last three season in Calgary where he played in 31 games with 12 starts.

Lawrence was the Stampeders’ starting left guard in last year’s season opener against the Argos, but he was replaced by Canadian OL Zack Williams. Lawrence’s value isn’t so much in his guard potential, but his ability to play center.

Strictly as a guard, Lawrence would find himself behind Dariusz Bladek, Philip Blake, and Shane Richards on the depth chart, but as a center, he might be the first man up after Peter Nicastro. Lawrence was a guard at the University of Alberta, but he started six games at center for Calgary in 2019, a position he’s far more physically suited to play.

With all of Toronto’s starting linemen back along with Richards, they could go ahead with this group as is in terms of the interior, but they still need to address their depth at the tackle position.


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