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Human Highlight Reel Extended

Photo: Ben Grant

The Toronto Argonauts have extended American DB/LB/Highlight Machine Chris Edwards through the 2022 season.

The 29-year-old CFL veteran held down the SAM linebacker position for the majority of his first season in Toronto, amassing 37 tackles, 3 sacks, and three picks, though it was the timing and nature of these plays that captured the attention of Argos fans. Edwards ran his three picks back for a league-high 162 yards including two touchdowns. The interceptions as well as his sacks ended games, swung momentum or put teams away.

If you’ve seen our 50 Best Plays of 2021 highlight video, you’ve seen a lot of Chris Edwards.

With Edwards back in the fold at SAM and Henoc Muamba returning at MAC, the Argos now need to make a decision about the WILL linebacker position. Rumours are swirling and deals are being made, but such is the nature of this time of year in the CFL. Some consideration must also be made for the fact that Edwards will miss the first six games of the season due to a suspension.

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