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Colquhoun Retires

Photo: Ben Grant

As training camp finally got underway in Guelph, the Argonauts announced that Canadian DB Arjen Colquhoun had been added to the retirement list.

Colquhoun, a product of legendary coach Harry Lumley at W.F. Herman in Windsor, played at Michigan State before bouncing around the NFL. He signed in Edmonton a year later and played in 24 games over three seasons, notching 48 tackles and two picks.

He appeared to be on track to start at field corner for the Argonauts last season, taking the majority of his reps there during camp, but an injury held him back, and he never quite looked himself. Then, in a midseason game against Montreal, Colquhoun suffered a gruesome leg injury that shook the entire team.

Colquhoun’s retirement suggests even further that Toronto is planning on starting Americans across the defensive backfield with the exception of the safety spot. Matt Boateng is the only natural Canadian corner remaining on the roster.

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