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Budgets are for Losers

Photo: Courtesy Calgary Stampeders

The Argos influx of free agent talent continues with the signing of defensive back DaShaun Amos. It is an old Argos saying: keep your friends close but keep your ex-Stampeders closer.

Amos is a nice add for the Argos secondary. A 2019 All-Star, Amos was a key player for Calgary before falling out of favour with the coaching staff late in the 2021 season. But Calgary’s loss is Toronto's gain. Amos is decent sized at 6 feet, 188 lbs so he could possibly be a potential SAM backer while Chris Edwards is on suspension or start immediately at one of the halfback spots if Richards or Richardson plays SAM.

Amos reached his potential under Coach Bell in Calgary and there is no doubt he vouched for this signing.

The Argos secondary is a deep squad and ready for a jump into the elite this season. If Amos can regain his top form, this unit will be ready for greatness.

You better hide your cowboy hats, Calgary, Toronto is taking anything not tied down.

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