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Boris Bede is Back

In a huge move, which seems strange to say given his position, the Argonauts have re-signed East All-Star K/P Boris Bede.

At Xs and Argos, we didn’t go as far as naming Bede Toronto’s MVP in 2021, but it was close. We did, however, list him as our most important free agent to re-sign, and the Argos have gone out and done exactly that.

This past season, Bede connected on 85% of his field goals, including six from over 50 yards. Down the stretch, he connected on 17 straight and was clearly in the heads of opposing kickers.

The CFL’s all-time leader in kickoff average, Bede once again led the league averaging 67.4 yards per kick, including an eyebrow-raising 95-yard blast.

A lot of kickers “win games” by knocking through game-winning field goals, but Bede did it almost single handedly in 2021. He kicked at least five field goals in three separate games, including the Eastern Final.

There are still holes to fill on this Toronto roster, but re-signing Boris Bede is as big a move as the Argos will make this offseason.


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